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Simple Makeup Tips — June 20, 2016

Simple Makeup Tips

It’s no secret that most women love to wear makeup, although we have different reasons. For teenage girls, it helps make them look more mature. On the other hand, older women use makeup to make them look younger. Different cosmetic products such as foundation, blush, and toners also help women who have complexion issues by helping conceal problem spots; and at the same time, helps in smoothing out complexions. In short, wearing makeup helps us feel more confident about ourselves. Continue reading

Lipstick Guide: Choosing Colors for Your Skin Tone — June 8, 2016

Lipstick Guide: Choosing Colors for Your Skin Tone

Humor me—check your beauty kit right now and count how many lipsticks you have in there. If you have more than two and you rarely use most of them, congratulations, you’re like most women!

Yup, many of us buy lipstick every chance we get and they end up not being used, piling up inside our already filled beauty kits. Why is that? Continue reading

Makeup Essentials Every Women Should Have in Their Bags — May 16, 2016