OH MON DIEU! The French are taking over the world…the world of fashion, that is!

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Let’s face it, French women are one of the most glamorous people in the world. Just take a look at them, most will certainly agree when I say they eat better than most of us, they drink better than most us, and they certainly dress better than most of us.

Sacre’ bleu! How is this even fair?!¬†What is it about French women that makes them do better than most of us in almost every aspect in lifestyle? How do we even define the widely popular allure of French women? What sets their style apart from say, American style or any other styles there are in the world?

Looking around in the amazing world of the world wide web, here’s what I’ve found out about them stylish mademoiselle:

Trends? Non, Merci Beaucoup

Although French women are always in the loop when it comes to the latest fashion trends, most of them are not a slave to them. In fact, most of them shun away from trends, especially the stylish ones. They’d rather stick with timeless, well-fit, classic look—from tailored blazers to trench coats, from comfy jeans to LBD’s. They are very particular to the feel of the fabric as well, making sure that the fabric feels comfortable (and expensive) before they even think of following a trend.

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Neutral Colors All the Way

Unlike Americans, French ladies often dislikes flashy colors. That’s why they often stick to black, white, navy, nude, and other neutral colors. As we all know, neutral colors are simple, versatile, and very elegant, which makes it easier for them to play around with every piece in their wardrobes. This also makes it easier for them to accessorize without looking too made up or too flashy.

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Perfectly Tailored for a Perfect Fit

A perfectly fit dress is more important to French women than say, a sexy alluring dress. This means their clothes are always tailored to every detail of their body. Every detail matters to them—every creases, every cuts, every flaws—they are focused on these aspects to ensure that everything is perfectly measured to their style.

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Simplicity is Key

For French women, less is more. This means (as mentioned earlier) they are not into flashy colors, they don’t over accessorize, don’t show too much leg or cleavage. For them femininity is all about attitude and not in what you flaunt. Elegance is what they’re always after.

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As you can see, we can learn so much about these stylish ladies. French women really do know their stuff when it comes to fashion and lifestyle as a whole. I don’t know about you but I’m thinking of following their footsteps when it comes to dressing up.

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