Hold on to your horses as 90’s kids will surely enjoy this news: The denim overalls are once again in fashion! Yup, those Huck Finn garbs are making a huge comeback as we see celebrities—from the lovely Emma Watson and the stylish Kendall Jenner to the classy Amal Clooney and the sexy Kate Bosworth—they’ve really been rocking the trend!



Although long overalls are definitely a must-have for fashionistas like us, wearing them during the hottest season of the year will surely result into an SSS or seriously sweaty situation. Plus, if you’re petite like me, long overalls can overwhelm your small frame. That’s why even though I own a long overall for colder climates, I always prefer wearing short overalls or “shortalls” for short (pun intended!) during Spring and Summer.

Just a word of advise, especially for petite girls like me though: Make sure to pair these babies with the right tops or you might either end up looking like you just came from a primary school or you’ve just milked a cow in a farm.



Don’t worry, there are plenty of stylish ways to pull off this fashion must-have without looking like a fifth grader or a farm worker. With the right combination of pieces, you will surely rock the shortall in style in no time.

So how do you go about making your shortalls work for you? Here are some tips:

Fit it Right

Never wear a shortall that is bigger than your size. It’ll not only make you much smaller, it’ll also look sloppy. To know if a shortall fits you well, try it on and check if the bottom part or the shorts area fits you like your normal shorts would fit you.As for the top part, most of these are adjustable, make sure that you can adjust it enough that allows you to move freely and at the same time, it’s still proportion to your body.

Layer It Up

When it comes to overalls, adding layers will certainly make them look more interesting. A plain shortall, for instance, will look more fabulous when you wear them with not just a blouse underneath but a jacket or a blazer over them as well. Layering will also give your whole getup that edgier feel.

Stripes Not Plaid

Unless you really want to look like you work in a farm, ditch your plaids and wear stripes with your overalls instead.A striped top will surely make your overall ensemble look more sophisticated and look more well put-together.

Go Girly

Some would say overalls are a bit tomboyish for their feminine fashion taste. So why don’t you try wearing them with ultra-girly tops such as lacy blouses or tops with floral designs or even off-shoulder tops. This cool combination—the boyish overall and the girly top—will certainly make your #OOTD more captivating.


Choosing the right accessories will also make a huge impact on how you can make your shortalls work for you. If you don’t want to look like a child, avoid backpacks, colorful watches, and other accessories that look childish. Instead, choose the ones that look mature and sophisticated such as structured bags and elegant jewelries.

Shortalls are definitely cute—that is if you know how to wear them right. It’s not rocket science really, all you have to do is follow some of the tips I gave above and I’m sure you’ll be rockin’ those shortalls in no time! 🙂

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