There’s no doubt about it—my (and pretty much everyone else’s, I’m sure) favorite day of the week is Friday. Well, aside from the obvious that it’s the last day of the workweek, Friday is very much anticipated because it is when everyone’s allowed to ditch their boring everyday work clothes and play around with a more fashionable ensemble.

Yes, there’s such a thing as a “dress-down Friday”. Many businesses and offices allow this so that employees would have the opportunity to wear comfier clothes. But it doesn’t mean that you can wear anything you like. You have to keep in mind that you’re still going to be inside the office so of course you’ll still need to look smart and professional.


Here’s the thing: Yes, it’s okay to wear casual clothes on dress-down Fridays, but not THAT casual. Get it? Like I said, you’re still going to be in the office so you will need to maintain some semblance of professionalism. For instance, you definitely want to avoid anything that shows too much skin so you should stay away from blouses made from flimsy materials and those over-revealing dresses.

Casual Fridays mean you can wear comfortable clothes but not too casual that you can wear anything that it looks like you’re just hanging around your house. Wearing shorts, mini skirts, and flip-flops is definitely a no-no in any professional environment, in any given work day. Although wearing jeans are acceptable during dress-down Fridays, you should avoid wearing ripped jeans.Sleeveless tops are okay, though not those skimpy tank tops, or better yet wear a blazer over them.

Still confused? Here are some sort of rules I’ve made just to be sure I got this dress-down Friday thingy right:

  1. Though it’s okay to wear sleeveless tops, never wear a top that’s too revealing, which means no plunging necklines and no spaghetti straps. Also, I think it’ll be better to wear a jacket or a blazer over them—just to be sure.15396
  2. Button-down shirts are the perfect dress-down Friday tops.15329
  3. If you’re thinking of wearing jeans, just stick to dark denims.┬áNever wear loose or baggy jeans.13197
  4. Never—ever—wear sneakers and flip flops in the office. If you want to wear a “breathable” footwear to casual Friday, just wear sandals.slingback
  5. Though wearing flats are okay, wear them only when there are no scheduled meetings with your bosses or with clients that day.14101
  6. Pumps are your best friend, especially during casual Fridays.15309
  7. You can play around with colors and prints more during dress-down Fridays but avoid wearing obnoxious hues.15549
  8. You can accessorize a bit to make your dress-down Friday attire more fashionable.15394
  9. Again, it’ll be much safer to wear clothes you can wear during regular work days, especially if you’re eyeing a promotion or you’re about to close a deal with a client.15229

If all the things I’ve said don’t seem to sound “dress-down”” at all, well the office is definitely not the place to express your inner Lady Gaga or for showing off new fashion trends. But this does not mean you can’t have fun with your office attires, especially during dress-down Fridays. It’s just a matter of finding the right balance between dressing smart and at the same time looking stylish.

If you have any suggestions on how to go about dressing down on Fridays without compromising professionalism and of course, style, please feel free to comment below. Till next time, see you around fellow fashionistas!