“If I can make it there, I’m gonna make it anywhere.

It’s up to you, New York, New York!”

New York, New York—the Five Boroughs, the Big Apple, the Melting Pot, the City That Never Sleeps—everyone has their own name of the greatest city in the planet. Others just see it as an urban jungle laden with gargantuan concrete structures. Nevertheless, whatever name you call it and however you see it, for me, personally, it’s always going to be the center of the fashion universe.

Yup, I definitely think that NYC is up there when it comes to fashion. Just by looking around, you can feel glamour in the air. Everyone seems to wear fabulous clothes.  You can easily see that they’re confident about their fashion sense. They’re mostly cool, sophisticated, and oozing with effortless style. New Yorkers are truly amazing when it comes to fashion—an OOTD heaven, I must say!

So how can you tell a true New Yorker from the rest? Here are some fashion points to ponder:

Better Leather


What’s with New Yorkers and their leather jackets? Well, we just love them! It doesn’t matter if you’re uptown or downtown, you’ll certainly see someone sporting these babies. That’s why if you’re in the Big Apple, you’ll never be out of place wearing a leather jacket. And if you’re looking to achieve that New Yorker look, be sure to invest in one.

Black is Back


Actually, it was never gone. Black is an NYC fave because it’s  versatile, easy to pair with other colors, and most importantly, it’s sophisticated. You can never go wrong with black. An all black ensemble? Why not? If you think it’ll look boring, just add some edgy pieces like a black leather jacket and some black stilettos or boots, your getup will surely look New Yorker all the way!

All Out on Shoes


It may be painful as hell to walk from Times Square to the Playstation Theater in stilettos, but as they say: beauty is pain. For true New Yorkers, shoes matter the most and they always go all out when it comes to their footwear. If you’re just not that comfortable wearing high heels going around the city, you can always turn to equally-fashionable boots.

All Out on Bags


Same as with their shoes, NYC gals truly knows their stuff about their handbags. A true New Yorker dame just can’t leave their homes without their bags so make sure to bring yours—as long as their stylish and chic—anywhere too.

All Out on Accessories


New Yorkers can always get away with a simple ensemble as long as they go all out on their accessories. Boosting, say a shirt and jeans ensemble, accessories will certainly help your outfit speak for itself.

Grade the Shades


It doesn’t matter if the sun is shining bright or not, New Yorkers wear their sunglasses any time they want. It doesn’t matter if you need them, it’s just a matter of looking chic every time with eyeglasses on.

It’s All About the Attitude


Let’s face it, New Yorker gals have that certain spunk that no other have. It’s their confidence in how they handle themselves, it’s their “the-pavement-is-my-catwalk” attitude that truly sets them apart.

New York is definitely one of the top cities in the world when it comes to fashion. It’s truly a melting pot of everything that goes on in the fashion world that many just can’t help but turn to New Yorkers to get a glimpse of what’s fly or not.

But as I always say, these are just guides to help you get your own personal style.Keep in mind that dressing up is a form of self expression. Though there’s nothing wrong looking to others to get some inspiration on fashion, you should always consider what you want and how you want to look like.

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