I just love spring and summer. That’s because aside from the warm weather and of course, the trips to the beach, I get to wear denim shorts all the time.

We all know denim shorts have been a staple in fashion for decades now. They’re not just comfy, they’re one of the chicest fashion basics as well. Furthermore, denim shorts aren’t just limited for beachwear anymore. In fact, even celebrities known for their sense of style such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other fashionable A-listers are always seen strutting about on the streets with their pair of denim shorts.

But the thing I like most about denim shorts is their versatility. You can actually wear pretty much anything in your wardrobe with those rugged babies. If you’re running out of ideas on what to wear with your shorts, here are some suggestions you might want to try:

The Simple Yet Chic Ensemble


Cool, casual, and chic, these are the first adjectives I could think of when I saw this lovely outfit. This high-waisted denim shorts/sleeveless top with plunging neck line/flip flops ensemble is finished off with some blings and sunnies to add flair to the entire look. It’s perfect for walking your dogs in the park or while running some errands at the local supermarket.

The Laid Back Summer Getup


The ruggedness of the destroyed cutoff denim shorts is balanced out by the elegance of the striped long-sleeved shirt. The straw hat is just an icing on the cake that adds fun to your entire getup. perfect for everyday wear.

The Grungy Boho Garb


It’s Boho Chic at its coolest. The grungy cutoff denim shorts adds that aura of badassery to the Boho Chic style top. Just put on your favorite shades and you’re off to the shopping mall, bohemian style.

The Sexy Retro Outfit


What could be a more sexier summer getup than this 70’s retro inspired halter body suit used as a top and button-fly high-low denim shorts? It’s just a matter of wearing sneakers or heeled sandals and adding some spice by wearing some accessories, and it’ll be the perfect sexy getup for hanging out at your fave coffee shop with your friends.

The Lacy Sensual Attire


A knitted tank top or body suit and a lacy cardigan cover will surely look fabulously sexy when worn with denim shorts. Add some sunnies and bangles into the mix and it’ll be the perfect getup for a day of shopping at the mall or for enjoying your day checking out the museums.

Just keep in mind that the outfits mentioned above are just suggestions. Like I said, denim shorts are very versatile as you can pretty much wear anything with it in almost any casual occasion. However, if you’re interested with the tops I’ve suggested as well as the denims shorts featured here, just click here, on the images, or on the links;  it’ll take you to a site where you can buy them.

Till next time, friends! Stay chill!