We all know makeup helps us women to be more confident, and one of the reasons why is because it helps cover blemishes, dark spots, and other imperfections on our skin. Thanks to one of the most important facial cosmetics—the concealer—it helps make our faces smoother and blemish-free, therefore helping us look more beautiful and of course, confident with our skin.

The Many Benefits of Using Concealers

Aside from helping “conceal” skin imperfections such as dark spots and acne, the concealer can also be used as an eye makeup primer and a highlighter. Yup, by applying a dab of concealer around the eye area, it will help hide eye bags and brighten up your eyes. As a highlighter, concealers can be used to enhance or “highlight” our face’s bone structure, thus making our natural beauty moire defined.

You must already know the stuff I’ve mentioned above about the wonderful benefits of using concealers, but did you know that there are certain concealer brands that can also protect your skin from the sun and even heal skin blemishes? Yup, in today’s concealer formulations, there are some that contains an SPF of fifteen and higher to help protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Plus, with concealers that contain antioxidants, it can help further control and prevent different skin problems.

Different Types of Concealers

There are several kinds of concealers, each offering their own characteristics that could work well with your skin. Experts say that you might have to use at least two of them for optimal performance. That’s because there are generally multiple problem areas in your skin that need different approach in handling them. For instance, a liquid concealer with a matte finish might work well on your oily forehead but might only emphasize dryness in the wrinkles around your eye. To help you decide which concealers would work well with your skin, below are the different types of concealers and their attributes:

                                                            Liquid Concealer


Liquid concealer is one of the most versatile types. It will works well for all skin types (for normal, combination, oily, sensitive, and breakout prone skins) except the very dry ones. It is one of the easiest one to apply—you can either use a finger or the applicator that comes with the packaging. It is also best use for covering acne and and wrinkles.

                                                               Stick Concealer


Stick concealer is named as such because of its semi solid appearance, not very different from a lipstick. Its texture is often thick and creamy thus perfect for dry and skins. It is, however, not advisable for those with acne problems as a stick concealer might irritate your skin more and caused more acne to breakout.

                                                   Cream-to-Powder Concealer


Cream-to-powder concealer typically comes in a small compact-like container. It is very buildable as it can easily be worked from various textures—from very light to medium.It is also best used for normal, slightly dry, combination, or sensitive skin.

As you can see, concealers are truly a gift from heaven for women. Mastering its application is key to achieving a flawless complexion and the first step to skin perfection is choosing the best concealer that is compatible with your skin type. You also have to keep in mind that concealers come in various colors and shades. You can combine these shades with your foundation that would work well with your skin tone.

If you have anything to add about concealers that I might have overlooked, please share them with us through the comments section below. You can also check out the products featured above by clicking here or by clicking on the images.

Hope this helps on your way to makeup mastery, guys! Till next time! 🙂