Enough about the Choos, the Louboutins, and the Manolos. We’re here today to talk about (gasp!) shoe basics. Yes, I understand that we just can’t get enough of those fabulous strappy stilettos, but you must admit, you won’t be able to wear them everyday, right?

So in the essence of (sigh…) practicality, let me just say that there are other shoes you would definitely need to add to your shoe rack. Don’t worry, style would certainly not be compromised with this list. In fact, these shoes aren’t just made for walking as these could surely lift up your OOTD’s.

Here are the basic pairs every women should own:

Black Pumps


You can wear them with pretty much any clothing in your wardrobe—from your most rugged ripped jeans to the most elegant LBD in your wardrobe. You can also wear them everyday in the office or even during weekends when you’re at the mall with your BFFs—that’s how versatile black pumps are.

Ballet Flats


It’s comfy and it’s stylish, what more can you ask for these quintessential everyday shoes. Pair them off with jeans and shorts and it’s your comfy chic everyday getup. Wear them with a dress and it’ll turn your dress into a laid back everyday outfit.

Heeled Sandals


Aside from black pumps, heeled sandals can make a regular pieces into a fabulous “model off-duty” getup. You can either go for peep toes or slingbacks, whatever works well with you, but I suggest different types for different looks.

Heeled Boots


From knee-high boots to ankle boots, you should have these in your shoe rack. Not only will these babies keep us warm in cold weather, these will also make your outfit look edgier and at the same time sexier.

Basic Sneakers


Rubber soles and a canvass top—these are the essential makeup of a basic sneaker that helps in making it cozy and comfy. A basic white sneaker will also look great in pretty much any pieces in your wardrobe. They’r perfect for everyday wear, wouldn’t you agree?

Flat Leather Sandals


It’s cool, laid back, and it’s chic, flat leather sandals makes spring and summer walks in the park a lot spazzier.

Well, these are just some of the basic pieces I have in mind right now. If you want to add on to this list or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment in the comments section below. Until then, see you around fellow fashionistas and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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