So we’re already in the middle of the summer and you say you haven’t been to the beach yet? Why oh why oh why?! If you’re just too busy with work, obviously, I can’t help you with that. But if you’re just having problems finding the right swimsuit for your body type, well you’re in luck because that’s more in my forte…NOT!

If you look around the amazing world of the Internet, you’ll probably just be confused with all these toxic noises about different body types and what swimsuit style each body type should wear. Now, that’s just balderdash and you know it! No, i’m not gonna be like that—I’m not gonna tell you what you can or cannot wear.

I say, enough with all these categorizing our bodies and let’s start empowering each other no matter how tall. short, skinny, or big you are. It’s your body and it’s going to be your decision what you’d want to wear at the beach (or anywhere for that matter)—that’s just the way it’s supposed to be, right?

So what’s this blog all about? Well I’m just here to help you choose, that’s it. Here are just some of my humble suggestions:

Small Chest20431

For those with small chest, I would suggest something with a textured top. This will help give the illusion of a bigger chest.

Big Chest20285

I think you’ll be better off with a more solid top if you have a big buxom. It will not only provide extra support for the extra weight, it will also create an illusion of  smaller breasts.

Broad Shoulders19939

Take it from broad-shouldered pro swimmers, they always look so great with their one-piece swimsuits. It’ll be much better if your swimsuit has printed panels along the side to help create an hourglass figure.

Flat Butt20258

Choose a brightly colored, printed swimsuit. It will lure people’s eyes away from your flat behind. You can also opt for a designed bottom, again, to create an illusion of a bigger tush.

Big Butt20532

Nothing wrong with it, really. If I’m blessed with a big butt, I would’ve flaunted it a la Kardashian/Jenner sisters ha ha!  Seriously though, if you’re too conscious with your big behind, just avoid skimpy bikinis. A full bottom can provide full coverage on your behind while printed tops can help attract wandering eyes to your torso instead of your tush.

Straight Bod20427

If you think you lack curves, then create your own curves via your choice of swimsuit. Say no to bandeaus, plain full-pieces, and boy-cut bottoms and say yes to tops with cups, paddings, and gatherings. Also you can make your body more feminine by choosing swimsuits with girly prints and bright colors.

Big Thigh/Hips


For those with full set of thighs, you can choose swimsuits that offer more coverage on your hip area. Either with a wider bottom or a bottom with a skirt can do miracles.

Big Tummy17390

You may think that hiding a tummy is hard but it’s actually not that difficult as most people think. A one-piece swimsuit with ruching or pleating on the stomach area will not only help conceal the bulge but will also look great as well.

The ones mentioned above are just some of the things I usually hear women complain about their bodies. Of course, there are a lot more. So if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Okay, that’s it! Till next time, enjoy the summer sun while you still can.

*to view the details of the swimsuits featured above, just click here or click on the images.