Imagine this: It’s Sunday afternoon. You’re in a room half-filled with women but you feel like you’re all alone. Both your eyes are shut. You’re standing upright. Your arms are stretched upwards. Your palms are gently pressed against each other over your head. Your right heel is pressed against your left inner thigh with your toes pointing towards the floor.

All you can hear is a recording of nature’s music—the rustling of leaves, the splashing of water from a nearby stream, and the chirping of birds from a distant. Then suddenly, a calming voice of a woman came from the back of the room:

“Inhale, exhale…” She said. “…and lastly inhale and exhale and then go back to your starting position.” You hear her gently making her way in front as you slowly put your right foot down as well as both your arms to return to your starting position.

You open your eyes and see the sun shining through the glass and you smiled. Right there and then, you feel like everything’s right with your life. Finally, you’re one with the universe.

That’s how it is with me in my yoga sessions. Every after session I just feel more relaxed and healthy; and it’s actually not surprising as benefits of yoga include:

  • Strengthens the body
  • Improves balance
  • Tones up muscles
  • Strengthens respiratory system
  • Boosts immune system
  • Enhances concentration and other mental faculties
  • Stimulates spiritual growth
  • Develops a sense of oneness with the universe

Yup, it is not just a great exercise for the body, but for the soul as well. Ever since I started practicing yoga, I find myself becoming more physically, mentally, and spiritually fit. If you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly recommend it. I guarantee it, you’ll feel a lot better after three or four sessions.

Here are some of the most popular yoga styles you should try:

Ashtanga – is an intense, fast-paced yoga style that focuses on constant movement from one pose to the next.

Bikram – is also called Hot yoga as it is usually practiced in a hot (95-100 degrees Fahrenheit) environment for intense sweating as to loosen muscles and promote body cleansing.

Hatha – is the basic introductory style to different yoga poses.

Iyengar – is a yoga style that promotes longer duration on different poses.

Vinyasa – is a yoga style that has more aggressive poses and stretches.

Aside from yoga styles, the other aspect you should be thinking before taking up yoga is choosing the right clothing for your yoga sessions. Of course it is vital to wear clothing that is both comfortable and breathable, but apart from that, you should also be wearing something stable. With stable I mean you have to feel confident that you’ll be completely covered while doing various yoga poses. You have to remember that in doing yoga poses, you’ll be bending, sticking your leg up in the air, and doing other poses which could be distracting if you’re always thinking about whether someone can see your private parts. Furthermore, loose clothing can be a hindrance while doing poses as they tend to bunch up when you move.

To help you out with what you’re going to wear on your first yoga session, here are a few suggestions:

311113111331104These matching top and bottom yoga wear sets are made from a tough but highly flexible material to ensure maximum performance. Both are also elegantly designed and body flattering to ensure that your sense of style is not compromised.

So now you’re all set for yoga—you already know the benefits, the popular styles, and the proper attire to get your Chakra going! Just keep in mind that like everything else, yoga will not be that easy at first, but I assure you that once you get over that beginner’s hump, it will all be worth it!