The Koreans are taking over the world! Aside from their sumptuous food, their addicting TV dramas, and of course their weirdly alluring (Gangnam Style anyone?) Kpop, Korean fashion has been making waves around the globe these past few years. And why not? They’re known for their impeccable sense of style—from their charming dresses to their sometimes quirky yet stylish shoes—who can resist their distinctly unique fashion sense, really?

With the ever growing followers of Korean fashion, Seoul is definitely one of the top fashion capitals today. Yes, it’s not quite New York or Paris yet when it comes to fashion but with the way things are going, I’m sure it’ll get there soon.

So if you don’t want to be left out in fashion, I strongly suggest stocking up on these playful yet fabulous Korean clothing in your closet:



It’s sleeveless and its metallic, what could be more sexier for the warm seasons? It comes in silver, green, and black and will surely look good in denim pants or shorts, though this metallic sleeveless top will definitely look good if worn with different skirts skirts as well.


For that somewhat retro 70’s appeal, I suggest getting this loose striped button down shirt. Groovy, stylish, chill, and comfy—what more can you ask for? Pair this baby with a high-rise skirt (as seen in the image) or jeans and a pair of ¬†classic sunnies, and you’ll definitely be fab as fab can be!


For that Boho look, this printed V-neck shirt will surely turn heads on the streets. Boho chic will never be as sexy as this.



Pair these high-rise flared jeans plus with pretty much any sleeveless top in your closet and your getup will surely be a summer hit—that’s how versatile these fab jeans are.


It seems wrap pants are a thing in Korea now and it looks absolutely fabulous! It’s perfect for the summer season and you can wear with pretty much any top in your closet. Wear it with your favorite strap sandals and it’s Korean chic at its finest.


If you’re getting bored of your skinny jeans, then wear the exact opposite—wear these loose jeans. Wear these with a knitted halter top (as seen in the pic above) and your summer just got more stylish.


It’s a regular mini skirt injected with that unique Korean fashion sense—a more stylish skirt that will make your boring tops more fabulous.



The maxi dress just got sexier with this long slit maxi tube dress. Make your legs go on for miles with this maxi dress perfect for the summer season.


With its groovy prints combines with its embroidered hem, this dress taking Korean fashion to the next level. Wear it with your strap sandals and sunnies, and it’s the perfect summer getup.


Give it to the Koreans for making Boho fashion a lot sexier even without having to show too much skin. This colorful bohemian inspired dress will make your summers a lot stylish.


236832334119319Since it’s summer, I’ll only be featuring sandals here and what could be better than strappy sandals in the summer, right? Wedges, flats, heels—doesn’t matter, as long as they’re strappy, we just can’t get enough of them.

The ones I’ve featured here are just some of the stuff I’ve come to love in Korean fashion, and if you check them out yourself, I’m sure you’ll find more that’ll suit your taste. If you want to see more of these fab Korean stuff, check out this site or click on the images above.