As the old adage says: first impressions last; and it’s definitely true especially if you’re applying for work. If you’re out on the market applying for a job, you have to keep in mind that you get only one chance to “sell” yourself. That’s why it is important to make sure that you stamp your mark (ahead of other candidates) in the company you’re applying in the first time they see you. And how will you do that? By acing the exam and the interviews and of course, wearing something that would impress your future employers.

About the exams and the interviews, the only advice I can give you is to prepare yourself. Read up about the company you’re applying in and do some research on how to properly answer key interview questions the right way over the Internet. As for what you should wear on the day of your application, here are a few simple tips I hope that could help you get that job:

The Right Attire for the Right Position20160303_sls_01

The first thing you should know is to wear the appropriate clothes to the position you’ll be applying for. If, for instance you’re applying for an executive position, you should be wearing either a business formal or a business professional attire. On the other hand, if you’re applying for a clerical job, business casual will do. For reference on the different business dress codes, click here.

Comfy is Equals to Confi20160412-jk_06

As you may know by now, confidence is definitely going to be key to your job application’s success. And to be confident, of course you should be comfortable with what you’re wearing. To do that, choose the clothes, shoes, and accessories you’re going to be wearing a day or two before the big day itself. This is to familiarize yourself with what you’ll be wearing and avoid wardrobe malfunctions and other uncertainties you might have in new clothes.

B&W: Radiating Elegance and Professionalism20160429_bls_08

If you’re having a hard time choosing what color to wear, I strongly recommend going back to the basics—and what can be more basic than black and white? You can never go wrong with these colors as they don’t only look professional, a black and/or white outfit is certainly one of the most elegant looking color combinations in history.

Adding Some Spice20160426_acc_05

If you’re going for that B&W combo, just a word of caution though: make sure that your outfit wouldn’t look so plain and therefore boring. Add character to your B&W outfit by adding some patterns or other colors into your getup. You can also use some accessories to spice things up in your wardrobe. Do not, however,  go overboard with the accessories. That’s because wearing too much accessories can either distract your interviewer or make you look unprofessional.

These are just some of the things you should look into when choosing an outfit for a job interview. Keep in mind that wearing the right outfit is not a guarantee that you’ll get your dream job. It will always boil down to how you’d fair on the exams and how you’d handle the interviews. But as I’ve said earlier, wearing the right outfit will give you instant edge over other candidates because, well,  first impressions DO last. Just put yourself in an employer’s shoes: Who would you rather have in your team at work—someone who looks unprofessional or someone who is smartly dresses?

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