We all know that music and fashion go hand in hand since time immemorial. Both influence each other so much that I don’t think one can even exist without the other. Can you imagine a fashion show without music blasting in the background?  Or a rap group not wearing their familiar flashy clothes and blings?

You see, both—music and fashion—have a huge impact on one another because both are art forms—an imaginative way of expressing oneself. In essence, both music and fashion encourages individuals to be creative and play around with all the elements in both fields.

That said, now it just makes me wonder: Is this the reason why rock stars always hook up with models?

Style and Music Genres

Many people (especially those who passionately follow a certain artist)  base their choice of clothes on their preferred music genres. In fact, we can actually distinguish someone’s choice of music through their clothes. For instance, if we see someone wearing baggy pants, a big shirt, a baseball cap worn sideways, and a gold chain with a large pendant, most will surely get that that person is into old-school hip-hop. On the other hand, if we see someone wearing tight jeans, a black shirt with the sleeves cut off, Doc Marten’s, while sporting a mohawk, everyone would surely know that that person is into punk rock.

To further explain how heavy the influence of music is to fashion, here are two of the most interesting styles that have popped up from a music genre:

Glam Punk – this music genre started in the mid 70’s in the UK, US, and Australia. Early Punk Rock can be described as loud, fast, and aggressive, often accompanied by a hard-edged three-chord guitar riff, devil-may-care drum banging, and angry vocals that go against the mainstream. Same with their clothing, punk rockers are often clothed with elements of “unfashionable” style—from statement shirts, leather jackets, ripped jeans, work or combat boots, studded (or sometimes even spiked) accessories. Ironically, this ragamuffin punk rock look was adapted in the fashion world, creating a new style that is both rebellious and stylish.


Glam Rock – artists from this genre are often seen with something that is both feminine and gritty at the same time. Most of their clothes are fit that underlines their silhouette. Black is certainly the most prominent color in glam rock but gray, red and white, and burgundy can be added on for a more stylish appeal. Top this edgy getup with some equally edgy accessories such as chain bracelets, skull rings, and out-of-this-world earrings.Banded-Outback-Hat

Glam Goth – one other music genre that heavily influenced fashion is goth. Though goth music can be described as a plethora of genres (mixes of different genres including punk, folk, classical, and experimental), goth fashion can be described in one of its element—dark. The influence of goth music to fashion can be attributed to the recently emerging fashion trend called glam goth. This relatively new style combines some of the dark elements of goth with high street fashion.


From Rock Stars to Fashion Icons

One other confirmation that music and fashion overlap each other is the fact that tons of musicians have become icons in the fashion world. Lady Gaga, for instance, have made a name for herself in the fashion industry, thanks not only to her music, but to her rather eccentric take on her choice of clothing as well. And who can forget Spice Girl Posh Spice/Victoria Beckham’s critically lauded collections?

There’s no doubt about it, the connection between the worlds of fashion and music is vital to both of their success. The ones mentioned above are just few of the many examples of how music and fashion mix. I could go on and on about the punk scene—not to mention the grunge, hip hop/R&B, blues, country, electronic, funk—and how these genres shaped the fashion world. And that’s just the way it is—music will always have a huge impact on fashion trends and vice versa.

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