One of the women I always look up to is Norah Jones. No, it’s not just because we have the same given name. Though I love the fact that she’s my namesake, I think Norah Jones is one of the most talented musicians out there today.

To validate this fact, her debut album “Come Away With Me” alone sold almost thirty million copies worldwide. Furthermore, her debut album, which was released way back in 2002, garnered multiple accolades in the music biz; even clinching Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best New Artist in the prestigious Grammy Awards that year. Since then, she  has released several more albums, each well received, each critically acclaimed, and each a commercial success.

So you can definitely say she’s the real deal, right?

Though I really love her jazz/blues/country/folk/pop fusion music, it’s not the only reason why I’m so drawn into her. With her simple yet elegant sense of style—not to mention that she’s a real looker—it really makes me wonder: if ever there is such a thing as a “perfect woman”, it’s definitely Norah Jones as this woman can really do no wrong.

When it comes to her style, the ever so charming Norah Jones does not wander too far away from her music—it’s an uncomplicated, no nonsense combination of pieces from different influences. Just like her music, her choices of clothes aren’t very flashy; they’re often subtle but dabbed with a pinch of charm, class, and fun mixed together. Plus, she always put premium on comfort when it comes to her clothes—yes, she even says so herself: “I’m not one to suffer for fashion. My current stylist is the only one who won’t argue with me on this.”

Looking at her getup in her live shows and music videos, one thing I notice is that she’s really into that 40’s-50’s inspired dress—a cute mini dresses, which she sometimes covers with either a bolero or a cardigan. For her shoes, I just love those pumps and wedges she usually wears with her cute dresses. And I notice that when she’s in the mood to go back to her Texan roots, she’d even wear her cowboy boots along with her cute dresses! Yee-haw!

Aside from cute dresses, I often see her wearing those classic blue jeans. But to make the getup more feminine, she pairs those jeans with floral or plain blouses and shirts. And if wore a plain shirt or blouse, she adds flair to the getup by wearing, again, a bolero, a cardigan, or a vest.

Yup, very simple yet elegant indeed—not to mention timeless. You can also truly feel the influences of her music through her clothes—jazz, blues, folk, and country all jumbled perfectly together.

If you’re thinking of emulating her charming fashion style ( just like I did), here are some suggestions you might find interesting:


Sleeveless Square Neck Sheath DressEthnic Print Wrap Dress TrimBelted flared Sleeveless DressFlared Floral DressShadowed Shapes Print Wrap DressRibbon Waist Wrap Skirt DressPolka Dot Faux Wrap DressKnit Sleeveless Trumpet DressI’m sure you noticed that most of these dresses have prints and some may say a bit girly. Yup, that’s just how Norah Jones’ sense of style is. As I’ve mentioned earlier, her dresses have that 40’s and 50’s vibe in them, and that’s just what makes them so adorable and classy.


Lace Front Yoke BlouseStriped Wide Neck Knit TopLace Trim Waist Tapered BlouseLace-Trim Off Shoulder BlousePleated Slim Short-Sleeved BlouseTwo-Pocket Button-Up BlouseSame with her dresses, her tops usually have that classic and girly vibe in them. Pair these lovely blouses and shirt with jeans or denim skirts and a pair of heeled sandals or cowboy boots and you’ll definitely have that timeless “Norah Jone-ish”  air in you.


Raw Rugged Hem Skinny JeansRugged Stretch Skinny JeansClassic denim pants that are perfectly fitted to your legs and behind—you just can’t go wrong with them, right? It’s also going to be perfect for that Norah Jones look.


Padded Shoulders Slim CardiganCrochet Knit PulloverThough I haven’t seen Norah Jones wearing these kinds of cover, there’s something about these pieces that remind me of her. Maybe it’s the floral design or maybe it’s the simplicity of these outer wear, but wear these with jeans, shirt, and heeled sandals and you’ll certainly get that classy Norah Jones vibe going for you.


Glossy Cross Straps Cork Wedge SandalsSlim Straps Mid Heel SandalsGlossy Round Toe Platform PumpsStrappy Pointed Pumps D`OrsaySimple Glossy Pointed Toe PumpsHer shoes are a combination of stylish and comfy. The heels are usually not too high but still have enough height to make any petite girl (like Norah) a bit of elevation.

Yes, I admit it! I’m a huge Norah Jones fanatic. Her music truly captivates the soul—a work of art in its simple yet complex kind of way. Plus, in my opinion, not only is she a great artist but a true fashion icon as well. I’m sure she will find this funny though, but I think she truly has a great sense of style.

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