Admit it, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word flip-flop is the beach. Though this comfy footwear was initially made for the beach, their popularity nowadays are taking these summer essentials from the beaches to the city streets.


Their simple, minimalist, sleek, but ultra-comfy—no wonder flip-flops have become a staple footwear during summers, not only in the beach but also deep into the urban jungle. A lot of fashion conscious individuals like us, however, don’t care much about comfort, right? We would rather suffer blisters on our foot than look…well, unfashionable.


Now who says flip-flops aren’t stylish? Yes, I understand that comfort doesn’t always to style but with these simple style tips, you’ll definitely love your oh-so-comfortable flip-flops even more:

A Day at the Park

So you promised your five-year old nephew that you’re going to take him and his dog, Brinkley, to the park this weekend? No problem. Just get into your shorts and tank top, wear your fave sunnies, pack something to eat and drink, jump into your flip-flops, and you’re ready to go looking so cool and stylish.

Doing Some Errands

Okay, you need to go out to buy some milk and eggs but your feet are already suffering from the blisters you get from your sneakers. So wear your flip-flops, it’s definitely much comfortable and at the same time look stylish.


Shopping or Spa Day

These days of relaxation are usually done during weekends with your BFF’s, and what do you wear on occasions like these? Your sneakers or your thong sandals, right? Instead of using these footwear, why not wear a flip-flop instead. Pair these sleek footwear with your short denim shorts, button-down shirt, and your favorite tote, and you’ll certainly look chic and at the same time much more comfortable.

Night Out at the Bar

Yes, you can use these summer essentials when you’re planning to hangout with your friends in a chill, unassuming outdoor bar. You’ll definitely feel a lot chiller than wearing your pumps all night long, right? Plus, flip-flops can pretty much go well with any of your clothes—from the rugged jeans/shirt getup to your favorite maxi dress.


You see how versatile your flip-flops can be? All it takes is a bit of creativity and a good pair of flip-flops, and you can pretty much wear anything you want to wear and do anything you want to do—that’s the power of a good pair of flip-flops can do for you!

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