Okay, so after years of hesitation, you’ve finally decided to hit the gym—well good for you! I think a pat in the back is in order…

I’m congratulating you because it’s definitely a huge step towards a fitter lifestyle. I understand that it’s a big decision for some as a lot of women dread going to the gym because a.) they think lifting weights makes women develop huge muscles, b.) some think that it’s dangerous for us “puny” girls to be lifting irons, c.) others think that you can’t stop lifting weights or else those muscles will turn to fat, and d.) well, many are intimidated of the pains and the aches that comes with working out.

A, B, and C are all untrue.  In fact, weight training offers many benefits for women including: faster weight loss, better body curves, better sleep, healthier heart, healthier bones, as well as increased energy. As for D, it’s true that you’ll feel a bit of pain at first, but after two to three days of hitting the gym, I guarantee that you’ll feel a lot better.

That said, here comes the fun part: choosing the right workout clothes to get your gym routines done comfortably, and at the same time, look attractive of course! Many would probably say that workout clothes should be less about fashion and more about comfort and fit. Yes I get that! I know that the gym is not a club or a fashion show, but what’s wrong with making sure that you’ll look good while working out as well? So I think women should stop wearing those hideous baggy shorts, faded gym pants, old sweatshirts, and ripped up t-shirts and start investing in these comfy yet stylish gym clothes:


One-Strap-Back-Training-Tank-TopColor-Block-Training-Tank-TopCross-Strap-Back-Fitness-Bra-TopNeon-Yoke-Racerback-Training-TopColor-Block-Front-Training-Tank-TopZip-Up-Slim-Mock-Neck-JacketFor the top, I always recommend going with a tank top or a training bra. It’s more comfortable since it wouldn’t trap the sweat to your body and you’ll definitely look sexier in it. If you, however, really prefers a top that does not show too much skin, I suggest wearing a sweatshirt over your tank top, or wear a long sleeved dry-fit training shirt like the in the picture below:



Wide-Two-Tone-Band-Training-LeggingsBasic-Training-LeggingsWide-Band-Capri-LeggingsContrast-Trim-Cotton-Dolphin-ShortsFor the bottom, the leg and butt hugging training tights (or some might say yoga pants) is definitely going to make you look sexier. You can either go with a printed one (like the leopard print leggings in the picture above) or you can go with plain ones, it’s really up to your sense of style. You can also go with a capri leggings or even a short gym shorts, they’ll surely be comfortable and sexy as well.


Simple-Lace-Up-Sneakers-35cm-Heel-HeightStriped-Sides-Low-Lace-Up-SneakersAs for the shoes, you can always go with the branded sports sneakers available now in the market, just like everyone else. But if you’re going for that uniquely simple look, a good ‘ol plain white tennis shoes (like the ones in the pictures above) will certainly get the job done.

You see going to the gym doesn’t need to be a drab. In fact, it doesn’t take that much to be stylish and at the same time comfortable in gym clothing. Just a few of these basic workout clothing will surely make your trip to the gym more snazzy.

Check out more stylish gym clothing here or by clicking on the images above.