Boho Chic fashion is one of the most popular styles during spring and summer seasons. Why not? It’s feminine, it’s cool and comfy, not to mention fun and stylish—truly perfect for the warm seasons.

Yup, Boho or Bohemian Chic is definitely a force to reckon with when it comes to spring/summer fashion. Since the hippy days in the 60’s, fashion designers and women alike have been playing around with this chic yet carefree fashion style. Although it looks amazingly easy to put this style together, it actually requires great fashion sense to pull one off.

If you’re planning on jumping into the adorably carefree yet stylish world of Boho Chic, just a piece of advice: Keep in mind that this particular style plays with a lot of colors, patterns, and accessories. This only means that if you’re not too careful, you might end up looking like a disastrous Boho Chic wannabe. So I suggest threading lightly into the style and start with the basic pieces first. What are these pieces I’m talking about? Read on:

Printed Loose Dresses

Aztec-Print-Cold-Shoulder-DressOff-Shoulder-Plaid-Maxi-DressMini-Cold-Shoulder-DressEspecially with geometric or nature-inspired prints, either a maxi or a short dress is definitely an instant Boho Chic stunner. You can, however, go with plainly colored dresses and compensate with large accessories such as bangles and earrings, but if you want to get that Boho look really going for you, I suggest go with the printed ones.

Patterned Tops

Butterfly-Sleeve-Eyelet-BlouseTriangle-Print-Off-Shoulder-BlouseFloral-Cold-Shoulder-BlouseCross-Embroidered-Sleeveless-TopDrawstring-Loose-Fit-BlouseEmbroidered or printed, it doesn’t matter, just as long as their eye-catching—that is the way of Boho chic style. If patterned blouses are too loud for your taste, same as the dresses, you can go with plain tops. Just make sure that you add more flare into your getup by adding chunky and dazzling accessories.

Flared Pants and Maxi Skirts

Asymmetrical-Hem-Tiered-Long-SkirtBrushstroke-Print-SkirtOf course you can always wear skinny jeans, denim shorts, or a mini skirt to make your Boho look a bit modern. If however you’re going heavy for that Boho fashion, flared pants and maxi skirts are definitely the way to go.

Ankle Boots and Strappy Sandals

Corrugated-Gores-Zipped-Ankle-Boots-2Stiletto-Chelsea-Boots-2Self-Tie-Strap-Low-Wedge-Sandals-2You can either go for ankle boots or for a strappy sandals—these two will certainly look awesome either in pants or dress, making these a favorite element for Boho Chic fashion.


Dotted-Wooden-Bracelet-2Dangling-Gemstone-Charms-Bracelet-2Pearled-and-Tasseled-Chain-Necklace-2Double-Tassel-Necklace-2As earlier mentioned, accessories are essential for Boho Chic fashion. And these are not just normal accessories, mind you. It requires loud jewelries such as  rings with big stones, bangles, and necklaces with big pendants. Floppy hats, turbans, headwraps, headbands, scarves, as well as vintage style sunglasses can also add to that Boho look.

Seeing the elements of Boho fashion, do you think you can put together a Boho Chic getup from your wardrobe? If you still don’t have any of the pieces mentioned above, I suggest getting them if you really want to get your stylish gypsy look going.

For that Boho Chic look, check out this site or click on the images above.