Admit it, you still have those t-shirts you wore in college—hey, I still have them in my closet too! Yup, I just can’t let go of them as  they are super comfy and I love wearing them while relaxing at home; some have been given to me by my closest of friends and have a special place in my heart; while some actually have sentimental value because… well, I don’t really want to get into details but I’m sure you get my drift.

So our closets are filled with old tees that we rarely use. Heck, the only time I use mine is when I go to bed or, as earlier mentioned, during the weekend when I’m just lounging around the house. I don’t know, there’s just something about slipping into your old t-shirt that’s really comforting. But because they’re usually overused and most probably worn-in by now, we just can’t wear them when we go out anymore—that is, until I got this great idea of sprucing up my old, trusty tees! How? Read on:


We don’t use our basic t-shirts much when we go out—even if it’s new—because they’re not “stylish” enough. If you feel basic tees are too boring to be worn outside, then make it more fabulous by piling on the accessories. Something as simple as a scarf, a hat, or a necklace can certainly add more spice to a plain top. Combine some of these pieces to your getup and you’ll definitely look more stylish even when you’re just wearing your old basic t-shirt.

Fabulous Necklace
Sun Hat


Add Layers

A sexy little jacket, a rugged leather biker’s jacket, a sweet cardigan, a Miami Vice inspired pastel blazer,  your boyfriend’s varsity jacket, heck, even a gilet or as body warmer will do. You can pretty much choose whatever you want, it’ll still work with any basic tee. To add more drama into your getup, you can either go for coats or jackets with wild patterns and colors.

Two Button Blazer
Pleated Jacket
Leopard Print Coat


Pair Them with Skirts, Short Shorts, or Leggings

Shirts aren’t feminine enough for you? Then pair it either with skirts, short shorts, or leggings. Yup, just use your imagination—try wearing your old college shirt (with the hem of the shirt knotted on one side) with a flirty, short skirt like the ones on the image below, and you’re definitely going to be chic as chic can get.

Tiered Short Skirt
Denim Shorts


Go All-Out With Your Shoes

From flats, pumps, sandals, to trainers, you can pretty much wear any shoes you like with your old t-shirt.However, if you feel your getup is a bit too plain wearing a basic plain tee, you can go all-out with your shoes. And when I say “all-out” I mean go with colors, designs, or patterns you never thought you’d be able to pull off. Snakeskin patterns? Knee high boots? Wildly bright colored shoes? I say go for it!

Snakeskin Flats
Knee-high Boots


Admit it, you love that old—most of the time, overused—shirt, so why don’t you use it it again. You know it’ll be comfy and you know it’ll look good. Go ahead and use your imagination, just pair it with other pieces on your wardrobe and you’ll know how versatile your favorite shirt can be. Because really, it’s up to you—your look, your style, right?

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