Skinny jeans—those tight, butt-hugging denim pants with very narrow legs—some love them, some hate them. But whether you like them or not, it seems like they’re here to stay. As you may have noticed, despite the rather negative publicity they have been getting these past few years, skinny jeans is becoming more popular than ever. Some might say it’s just a passing trend, but since they’ve been here for decades, would you still say it’s just a “trend”?

I don’t think so.

As for me, I just love wearing skinny jeans. That’s because , for me, they’re timeless—I just don’t believe they’re just a passing trend. In fact, skinny jeans, or what others might call tight -fitting jeans, have been a hit since the fifties that even big stars like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean wore them in their blockbuster movies.



Basic Blue Skinny Jeans


During the sixties, Rolling Stones and the Beatles wore them during performances. In the seventies up to the eighties, people from all walks of life—from cowboys to punk rockers—have started to embrace the idea of a tight fitted pants.



Whiskered Skinny Jeans


In the nineties, however, the skinny jeans lost a bit of ground in the fashion world. That’s because of hip-hop (baggy pants) and grunge (ripped pants) came barreling their way into the fashion industry and made a huge effect on how we wore our pants.



Plain Skinny Jeans


Still, in the last two decades—2000’s and 2010’s—skinny jeans have made a huge comeback, thanks to supermodel Kate Moss, as well as the influence of punk rock in the indie music scene.



Light Blue Skinny Jeans


Aside from the rich history, I love wearing skinny jeans because they are often flattering to women with different body types. How you ask? Well for a skinny girl like me, it’s really hard to get my feminine curves going for me. With the help of bottom-hugging pants, they can help accentuate my shape. If you think skinny jeans are for, well, “skinny” girls, nope, they’re not. For women with a fuller figure (think Beyonce’), tight jeans can help their legs look slimmer and longer, while at the same time, draw attention to their “asset”—if you know what I mean.



Distressed Skinny Jeans


Today, the popularity of skinny jeans have gone beyond just the music and fashion industries. It’s really not surprising that, at first, most people thought that it’ll be harder to move wearing skinny jeans. But thanks to the stretchy materials they use on making skinny jeans, even BMX riders, skateboarders, and other extreme sports enthusiasts now sport skinny jeans as well.



Black Skinny Jeans


Truly, the skinny jeans have already gone full circle in the fashion industry. They’ve been admired and despised at over time but since they’ve lasted this long, I’m pretty confident they’re here to stay. As for me, I’m still betting on these tight, butt-hugging jeans. What can I say, I just love it!

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