Just a couple of days ago, I wrote a piece about full-figured girls and how to flaunt their “assets” by wearing the right clothes. This time around, I’ll be jumping to the other side of the fence as we talk about slim girls.

Let’s face it, some girls (myself included) aren’t just that blessed with a full, curvy figure. Others might say: “Oh come on! You’re thin, you’re like a model, you can wear anything you want!” Well, that’s where the misconceptions about skinny girls start every time. Many people think that because we’re “slim”, we can be like supermodels. Here’s the real deal—while it’s true that thin girls can pretty much fit into any clothes out there, the question is, will these clothes look good on us?

Being skinny definitely has its negative sides. If we’re not careful in choosing our clothes, we could end up looking like a clothes hanger, or worse, looking like a kid trying out their mother’s clothes. Not only that, skinny girls can hardly get our “curves” going for us. Most of the clothes we wear make our bodies look really straight and, well, unfeminine. Furthermore, with our small frames, sexy, body-hugging clothes is but a dream for us.

You see, being too slim is not all it’s cracked up to be, especially in finding the right clothes that will best suit your shape. If you’re naturally slender (just like me), you should try these tips I’ve learned over the years:

Enhancing Volume and Curves


There are various dress styles that were actually designed to enhance the shape of a woman’s body, and these are peplums, baby dolls, and straight-cut dresses. You can take advantage of these dress styles as it will not only get your curves going for you, these will also help in creating the illusion of volume in your body. And these doesn’t just work on dresses as a peplum blouse can also enhance your curves.

Creating Your Shape

If you really want to bring out your shape even more, you can try out dresses with pleats, layers, belts, or textured materials. These elements can help accentuate your silhouette and show off that curve you’ve always wanted. You can also try out dresses with patterns that will make you look more curvy. Dresses with horizontal stripes, for instance, are a great way to give your body some volume and curves.

Flattering Your Chest

If you feel like you are flat chested and you’re constantly conscious with it, one thing you can do is to fill up your bust area. When I say “fill up” I didn’t mean stuffing your bra with something. What I meant was you should wear a shirt, blouse, or dress that has heavy prints and/or colors on it. Details such as pleats, ruffles, twists, and knots are also a great way to “fill up” your chest area.

Skinny Pants and Skirts

No, I’m serious, skinny jeans are perfect for skinny girls. Not those ultra skinny, skinny jeans and jeggings though; these are not meant for our body types so you must avoid them as these will only make you look skinnier. Other pants such as boot-cuts and flared are great in making your behinds look a bit more round by adding some shape and dimension.As for the skirt, you can go for pencil-cut skirts or mini skirts as these can also enhance your body shape.

Well, that’s it. These are some of the tricks I actually use myself to help in choosing the right clothes for my slim figure. I hope that these will be helpful to you as well. Lastly, before I go, keep in mind that nobody is perfect. The best way to go about it is just to have fun and be confident with your body. Make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing and confidence will surely follow.

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