So there I was last night, alone in the house, curled on the couch in my undies and over-sized tee. I can’t seem to think of anything else to do so I grabbed the remote and flipped on the telly.

While skimming through the channels, I came across a rerun of the Charlie’s Angels TV series from the seventies, starring the lovely Jaclyn Smith, the alluring Farrah Fawcett, and the appealing Kate Jackson. Watching this classic, seeing these fabulous ladies, and looking at their, well, somewhat bohemian and somewhat psychedelic outfits gave me an idea—why not write about seventies fashion revival.

As we all know, every decade has its own unique look and style—and surely one of the most eclectic is the seventies. Many would probably describe the seventies fashion as bohemian or hippy, but for me it’s all about the freedom to play with a variety of loud and often contrasting colors, and at the same time mixing and matching different styles. I’ve also noticed that contrast, may it be for color, texture, or size, has been prevalent in those exciting years. With all these elements, you could say that the seventies is probably one of the most influential decades when it comes to fashion.

With all these in mind, I thought of putting together some chic items I found from this site. I think it’ll not only be educational, but it will also be fun to recreate this captivating decade’s fashion sense with, of course, my own modern twist. So without further ado, here’s my take on seventies fashion:

Stripe Accent Sleeveless Dress

Just looking at the combination of colors will certainly give you that seventies feel. Add the open side sandals and the ring accent chained bag into the mix and it certainly has that seventies Boho chic look made simpler and more elegant.

Striped Sleeveless Flared Dress

Yup, it somewhat has the same color and pattern as the first one, only this time it’s made to be sexier. Paired with a slim upper ankle strap heels, see-through floral cardigan, and sheer panel accent bag, and it’s Boho-meets-sexy at its finest.

Banana Print Shift Dress

Summer is just around the corner so why don’t I put together seventies summer getup—and voila!—the banana print shift dress, band accent boater hat, and the modern crisscross pattern bag ensemble.

Lace Accent Boho Blouse

If you’re going for that bohemian/hippy look, how about this lace accent Boho blouse. It doesn’t actually need any description as the name (plus the picture) pretty much explains itself. Pair it with a pair of flared pants, short denim shorts, or a mini denim skirt, and the crisscross strap sandals, and it’s seventies hotness made easy.

Some items such as the pleated leaf midi skirt and this chevron lace top are also great items to have to create new seventies fashion looks. Just by mixing and matching these items can go a long way to get that seventies fashion feel you want.

It’s been definitely fun putting all these items together to create that seventies vibe and you should try it too! Just visit this site and you will find all the items you will need to achieve that seventies chic look.

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