Okay, I know what you‘re thinking: “I’m starting to feel the summer heat coming in; why the heck is she talking about layering?”

Relax. I feel you. Yes, layering is usually done in fall and winter, but who said you can’t do it in the summer? I’m sure that in the hottest season of the year, you’ll be thinking of wearing as little clothing as possible just to keep yourself cool, especially when you’re outdoors—but where’s the fun in that?

Wearing skimpy clothes is definitely not as fun as putting together a layered ensemble. Plus—think about this—unless you’re at the beach or you plan to stay outdoors all day, would your “summer” getup protect you from a freezing air-conditioned in-door environment like an office, a mall, or a restaurant?

Layering in the summer is, of course, not as heavy as during winters and fall. But yeah, there are many ways—creative ways, I must say—to pull off layering without ending up in a hospital dehydrated and heat stroked. It’s just a matter of understanding how fabrics work, and putting these pieces together in the most stylish way possible.

If you’re still at a loss, here are some of essential pieces you would need in getting those layers working for you this summer:



Though most knits and wool are probably on their way now down to the basement for storage, you might want to save some of those cardigans from banishment. Not those heavy kinds but those that are made from light materials. These cardigans are actually a great way to enhance your summer dress or your jeans/shirt/trainers ensemble without making you sweat too much.


Dress, shirt, skirt, shorts—you name it! These laced wonders allow plenty of air to pass through, thus allowing you to add extra layers into your getup.

Plain White V-Necks

Aside from it being made from light cotton materials (thus allowing air to penetrate), plain white v-neck shirts are definitely designed to keep you cool during hot summer days. And because it’s white, it doesn’t absorb that much heat, making it a perfect inner garment for blazers and such.

Tank Top

It’s made from light material and it doesn’t have any sleeves—what can be more appropriately designed for summer? Add a layer or two and it’s chic as chic can be—that’s what a tank top can do for you!

Loose Fitting Tops

It’s loose fitting, which means the material doesn’t stick to your skin thus makes it a great breezy summer wear. Add a layer of summer scarf and off to the mall with you looking so fab and comfy.

Summer Scarves

These layering essentials can make a boring tank top or a plain t-shirt into snazzy pieces. Just one of these babies tied artistically around the neck or wrapped around the head is just one of the easiest yet stylish ways to make a dull, yawn-inducing getup look fabulous in an instant.

It’s truly amazing how these simple garments can actually make a lot of difference in your summer outfit, especially when you’re thinking of adding some layers into your outfit. With these pieces, you’ll be a layering master in no time.

Layering in the summer? Piece of cake!

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