Fact: women love bags. Another fact: we can’t seem to have enough of them. Why is that?

Personally, there are many reasons why I love bags. Firstly, I have a lot of stuff I need to carry with me everyday. There’s my makeup kit, which comes with my lipstick, blush, powder, mascara, and a lot more. Plus, I have to have my essentials like my wallet, phone, and tablet with me. And if it’s that time of the month, of course I’m going to need pads with me at all times. So you see, there’s a practical reason why women always carry handbags.

Why do we need so many bags you ask?

Well we also look at handbags as a fashion accessory. In fact, many women (me included) feel so incomplete without their handbags. You see, it’s actually a fashion statement for us. We feel more stylish when we have our handbags with us even when we’re just wearing the basic jeans and shirt combination. Furthermore, we need several handbags in our closet for us to be able to mix and match our handbags with our wardrobe.

Aside from being able to mix and match, owning several handbags is necessary for us women because just like shoes, different bags have different purposes. Backpacks or knapsacks, for instance, are great for carrying heavier stuff like laptops and other gadgets. Crossbody bags and shoulder bags, on the other hand, are small but very easy to carry for those doesn’t need to bring a lot of stuff with them, making these bags perfect for a day at the mall and even on dates.

Two other essentials in our list of bags are the tote bag and the clutch bag. Tote bags are large and can fit many items. This makes it perfect for shopping and of course, for the beach. As for the clutch bag, this often rectangular bag can usually be seen clutched (hence the name) by women during formal occasions like weddings and cocktail parties. Clutch bags can’t hold much but provides enough space for some necessities like ID’s, credit cards, and mobile phones.

There are still so many kinds of ladies’ bags and they are too many to mention. Personally, the ones I did mention were, I think, the essentials every woman should have.

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