It’s Friday night and you just got home from a busy day at work. You look at the wall clock; it’s half past seven. You dropped your bag on the couch and rushed to the kitchen to feed Phoebe, your overly zealous cat. While opening a can of Whiskas, your mobile phone vibrates in your jacket pocket. It’s a text message from Dave, your boyfriend: “I’m on my way, babe. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” After dumping all the feline chow into the cat dish, you dashed into your bedroom and started stripping—jacket, dress, earrings, and all. You hurried into the bathroom to clean up.

After a quick shower, you checked the time again—it’s twenty to eight, just enough time to dress up for your much awaited night-out with your SO. You opened your closet and—OMG!—most of your “decent” clothes are in the laundry! You must’ve worn all your favorite outfits throughout the week; and because you were so busy, you forgot to plan your outfit for your anniversary date. You glanced at your wardrobe again and all you have are your everyday clothes! You start to panic…

…then the doorbell rang.

Sounds familiar?

This is definitely a horror story many women would’ve wanted to avoid. But yes, it really happens. If you’re going to be in the same situation, just a word of advice from yours truly: being fashionable is all about radiating the right attitude and of course, using your imagination.

If you’re most stylish dress is not available, for instance, I’m sure you can put together a chic ensemble just by combining some elements from your everyday clothes. So how do you go about doing that? Here are some tips:

Denim Pants


Jeans: Versatility at its finest

For most, jeans are probably the most rugged clothing in their wardrobes. And yes they are correct, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear it in a little less casual occasion like a party or a dinner date. In fact, jeans are so versatile that you can wear it pretty much anywhere you like, except of course in seriously formal occasions like in a wedding and or a business meeting. Just wear you pair of denim pants with a lacy blouse, chic jacket, and some pumps and you’re good to go.

Plain White Shirt


Plain White Top: Simple yet classy

Round neck, V-neck, buttoned, long sleeves, or short sleeves, it doesn’t matter—plain white shirts are vital to every woman’s wardrobe. Same as the denim pants, the plain white shirt is very versatile. It goes well with different kinds of pants, skirts, and even shorts. If you’re worried that your top is going to be too plain, just think that now is the time to have fun with your accessories. Just make sure that the accessories you choose can go with the rest of your ensemble.



Have fun with your outerwear

Because you’re going to be wearing casual clothes, now is also the best time to go overboard with your outerwear. Well, not really go “overboard” but go with those jackets you don’t normally wear. Brightly colored jackets or those leather jackets, for instance, will look really well with plain white shirts and denims.



Killer shoes for that killer look

As for the footwear, you just have to go for the most stylish to balance out the “simplicity” of your shirt and jeans. You can either go for those killer stilettos you’ve been meaning to use for a long time but couldn’t, or you can go for the most badass pair of boots you own.



Now is the time to indulge yourself in accessories!

Remember that you’ll just be wearing basic clothes, so might as well as go bonkers with accessories.

So there you have it. Hope this helps. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to be wearing the trendiest and most expensive clothes just to look chic. It’s quite simple really, the trick is to have fun with it. If you’re looking for those basic yet stylish clothes featured in the images above, just click on the images or just click here.