I must admit, summer was (and still is) my favorite time of the year when I was young. With all the fun summer activities my family and I had back then, who could really blame me?


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I would always reminisce on those care-free summer days when we’d go on a long trip either to go to the beach, or go camping, or go fishing. My parents, siblings, and I would sometimes be wearing matching summer outfits and feel that we’re a team going to an exciting adventure while we’re on the road. And when we get to our destination, that’s when all the fun begins—we would have the best time of our young lives. Truly a fun-filled childhood memory I’d cherish forever.

Click image to see matching summer outfits for the family

Now that it’s nearly summer, I just couldn’t help but notice what kids do these days during their long summer vacation. And quite honestly, I feel sorry for them. These days, most kids I know stay at home and just make themselves busy either on their Playstations and/or their mobile phones all summer long. It actually bothered me so much that it got me thinking, what memories would these kids have when they grow up? Now that’s just sad.

So how can you get your kids away from their gadgets? Take them on a fun summer road trip, of course. If you’re thinking that it’ll cost you an arm and a leg, you don’t need to worry as fun summer activities doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need really are some gas in your car, your travel gear, a bit of imagination and enthusiasm, and of course, your family, and you’re good to go!

To give you some ideas, here are some of the most popular summer activities that will not put a dent in your wallet:


Camping Family
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There’s really something about sleeping under the stars that’s so exciting—and your kids will certainly love it. Aside from that, pitching a tent, building a campfire (and listening to scary stories around the fire), and of course s’mores are going to be a real treat to the young ones as well as the young at hearts.


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Drive to the nearest lake, hop on a boat ( or go to a fishing spot at the side of the lake, it‘s up to you), bring a reel and rod for each member of your family, and bring some snacks and drinks, and some essential supplies like insect repellent, and boom—a fun and relaxing day for the whole family. You can also set up a friendly competition between family members: whoever catches the most fish or the biggest fish will win a prize.


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Of course, summer will always be synonymous with the beach. Spend a fun day under the sun while wading through cool, salty water, or while building sandcastles. Who can deny that summertime at the beach with your loved ones is definitely the best experience every child should have.

That’s why rather than let your kids waste away their summer vacation on gadgets, I believe that parents should able to get their kids’ energies—and imaginations—high by planning a summer adventure for the whole family. Taking your family to a trip will not only be beneficial to your kids’ health, it’ll also spark your kids’ imagination, building up on your kids’ fun childhood memories in the long run. Just think of it as investing on your kids’ memories—definitely a worthwhile investment, isn’t it?