In just a couple of weeks, summer will finally be here! And where are we off to this summer? To the beach of course!

Again, we’ll get to enjoy the invigorating heat of the sun on our shoulders, the cool breeze blowing against our faces, the feel of the warm sand between our toes, and the waves lapping against our feet—not to mention the rockin’ swimwear we get to flaunt!

That’s why before the heat really begins to intensify, you should be thinking of what you’re going to be sporting at the beach this coming summer. Are your swimsuits ready? And if they are, are they up-to-date?

If the last time you’ve shopped for a swimwear was two years ago, then you will definitely need to get new ones. No matter what your plans are at the beach—whether you’re there to party, to chill, to be one with nature, or just to do nothing, you’ll surely feel good knowing that you look good in your new swimsuit.

If you want to know the latest swimsuits today, here are some of the trends you should watch out for:

Creative Cutouts


One piece swimsuits with creative cutouts, or what others call monokinis, are a great ensemble to have this summer. It’s a great way to look sexy without showing too much skin, thanks to the clever ways the swimsuit is designed. Although it’s a one-piece suit, the monokini’s upper and lower parts are divided with strategically placed cutouts, lines, and colors, flattering the female body’s natural curves.

Mix and Match


It’s not only stylish, it’s also practical. You can actually use your old bikinis for this—just mix and match the top and the bottom (and vice versa) of your old and new bikini and you’ll have a new one.



Laces, sheer panels, and other lingerie details aren’t just for bedroom anymore. Now swimsuits also brandish these lingerie elements to make women look sexier and more sensual at the beach.



One-piece barebacks are in again. But this time, the deeper, the better. It’s not just sensual and sexy, it’s sophisticated.

Utilitarian Piece


It may sound boring but what can I say, I just love it’s simple yet chic look.

Prairie Girl Sleeves


There’s something about those “prairie” girl outfit we see on TV that’s so charming. Was it those “arm puffs”? If it is? Why not incorporate them in swimsuits—and voila, the charming and sexy prairie girl swimsuit.

All Covered Up

covered2Not too keen on showing off too much skin? Or you’re just worried about sunburns? The fully covered swimsuit is the one for you.

There you have it, some of the most stylish swimwear trends this year. I hope you caught some swimwear ideas while reading this blog.

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