When it comes to style and fashion, we always look up to celebrities. That’s why whenever the Oscar’s, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, and other A-lister events come long, we can’t seem to keep our eyes off the red carpet. Furthermore, we also can’t seem to get enough of paparazzi photos of stars in their everyday (yet still stylish) clothes at the mall, in the park, at the airport, or even at the beach. Why? So we can catch a glimpse of what they’re wearing.

Aside from actresses, singers, and other entertainment topliners, we also emulate women from politics. Case in point? First Lady Michelle Obama, one of the most glamorous FL’s I’ve seen so far. We love her (and her fashion sense) so much that many women (including me) tries—emphasis on the word “tries“— to mimic whatever she wears!

Here are some celebrities who, I think, we can learn a lot from when it comes to style:

Kim Kardashian

Yes, I’ve said it! Kim is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to being a fashionista. She and her sisters are actually the ultimate “it” girls as the fashion and entertainment industry can’t seem to get enough of them. And even if Kim’s style isn’t really your taste, you can still learn a thing or two from her. For instance, if you kind of have the same body shape as hers (full, curvy figure), you can follow suit with how she chooses clothes that fit her perfectly. That’s because flowing or over-sized clothing wouldn’t really be flattering to your body type and can actually make you look bigger. By wearing fitted dress, shirts, jeans, etc., you can accentuate your curves and make you look more stylish.

Taylor Swift

The country music singer is one of the most followed celebrities today when it comes to style. Her sense of fashion is a combination of sweet and classy, and at the same time shows off her best asset, which is her long legs. That’s why she is often seen rocking short shorts and mini skirts. If you have the same body type as this chic queen, you can definitely learn a thing or two from her.

Diane Kruger

Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2016


In the film, Troy, she played the woman who has a face that launched a thousand ship. Now that’s saying a lot with her exquisite beauty! With her sense of style, the model-turned-actress can be seen around Hollywood galas and other events in clothes which epitomizes fun yet chic, innovative yet classy. She loves colorful dresses with crazy prints, which, in my opinion, are the hardest to carry. But with her, she still looked elegant in those wild prints as she avoids wearing too much accessories to balance out her outfit. And when she’s seen wearing a simple dress, she adds life to her outfit by adding on cool accessories, which complements her ensemble.

Gigi Hadid


One of the hottest personalities in the fashion industry today, the supermodel isn’t just glamorous, she also shows off her “street cred” by rocking everyday clothes with a chic twist. She is often seen wearing ripped jeans and pair them with leather jackets and ankle boots. You can also see pictures of her in street clothes like jeans, gray tank top, and white sneakers—yup, too “normal” for a celebrity, right? Well she enhances this outfit by wearing a wide-brimmed hat, over-sized sunglasses, and a pink handbag—effortlessly cool if you ask me.

Michelle Obama

As I’ve mentioned earlier, one woman I admire the most is probably the First Lady, Michelle Obama. When it comes to her sense of style, she’s elegant, smart, and classy, and yet you can see that she’s comfortable and confident with what she’s wearing. And at the same time, she seems to be having fun with how she carries herself and her outfit. So what can you get from the Mrs. Obama’s outfits? Well, just like the First Lady, you can play around with bold hues and prints but keep in mind to not go over the top. D0 this by minimizing your accessories and make sure that both your shoes and your handbag are plain so as to complement your printed outfit.

So what do we get from all these?

Well, we can learn a lot from these celebrities and political figures when it comes to fashion sense. I’m not saying that we should imitate these celebrities’ getup entirely. But getting some tips here and there would definitely help us make our own, unique sense of style.

It’s no wonder why the Kardashians—even without the talent—are hot commodities in the biz now.