There’s no doubt in my mind—wherever we are, whatever we‘re doing, whoever we are with—handbags are an essential part of our getup. And I’m sure pretty much every woman on the planet would agree with me on this.

No, it’s not just a necessity because we fit all our everyday needs (mobile phone, cosmetics, and other “girly stuff) in our trusty handbag. It’s “because we, women, see handbags as an accessory. As a matter of fact, it plays a crucial role in our outfit as handbags can actually enhance our character and style. That’s why for us, carrying a handbag in all occasion is an absolute must.

But let’s face it, because we own so many bags, we don’t usually pick the right bags for different occasions. With more than 25 types of handbags, I’m sure many of us get confused a number of times. I’m sorry to say that I’ve actually seen women carrying huge tote bags in cocktail parties, which, I think, is a big no-no, wouldn’t you agree?

For you to be able to avoid such blunder, I’ve made a handbag list and guide that will help you make the right decision in choosing the right handbag for different occasion. Read on:

Backpacks are a great option for those who are always on the go. They have a lot of space for you to be able to carry a lot of things such as your laptop, food, books, makeup, water bottles, and a lot more. Plus, it is also easy and very convenient to carry while on the go, making it the perfect bag for the sporty types and other women who are always on their feet.


Perfect for: beach, gym, traveling

Tote Bags
The tote bags is a big rectangular bag that has a huge opening and two straps on top. It can carry a lot of things and it’s also very easy and convenient to use. Although it can pretty much do what a backpack can do, tote bags look more stylish, making it a favorite for many of us.


Perfect for: beach, traveling, and other casual affairs

Shoulder Bags
Shoulder bags are small to medium sized bags that can be carried by slinging over your shoulder. And because it isn’t as big as backpacks and tote bags, you wouldn’t be able to carry much with it. It is however, very easy to carry.


Perfect for: dates, shopping, hanging out with friends

Satchels are medium to large sized bags. It comes with double handles and offers a lot of space and compartments for documents, makeup, lunchbox, and other every day essentials.


Perfect for: office, traveling

Clutch Bags
A clutch bag is a small, stylish bag, which is rectangular in shape. It doesn’t have any straps so you have to clutch it in your hands, hence the name. It is also usually used in the evening.


Perfect for: cocktail parties, night out with friends

Hobo Bags
Hobo bags are a bit similar to tote bags. They are huge stylish bags with a single strap on top. It is also often crescent shaped and can accommodate many items.


Perfect for: work, shopping, traveling, and other casual affairs

There you go. These are pretty much the most important bags every girl should have. And I’ve also included how and where you’re supposed to use them. I hope this blog interesting and informative.

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