Hey ladies! How’s it going? Can you feel the heat intensifying each passing day. This could only mean one thing—it’s time to pack your heavy sweaters and wool coats away and bring out your sunglasses, tank tops, and shorts ’cause summertime’s just around the corner!

Summer is definitely one of my favorite seasons. There’s really something about the warmth and of course the anticipation of all the weekend trips to the beach that gets me so excited as the hottest season of the year draws near. But the thing that really gets me going when it comes to summer are the—wait for it—summer clothes!

What else?! Ha-ha!

Yes, most women (at least most that I know of) love summer garbs because a.) they’re the most comfortable, b.) they’re the easiest to mix and match, and c.) well, they’re so darn fun to flaunt!

Now, if you’re just like me (who just can’t wait for summer to start), you’re probably looking to update your wardrobe before the beach season starts. Of course you wouldn’t actually have to buy a whole new set of summer outfits to freshen up your look this summer, that’s just dumb and impractical. You can actually reuse the pieces you used last summer, only this time, you just have to mix and match each one and create a new look. Also, one other trick to revitalize your outfit this summer without having to break the bank is to invest in accessories and other fashionable add-ons such as:

Light Scarf


Light scarves are great accessories to flare up your summer outfit. If you’re out to go shopping at the mall wearing only your denim shorts and tee, you might look a bit boring. Add a scarf and see your getup come alive.



You’re on the beach and you’re struggling to see from the intense glare from the sun, what would you do? Most will probably use sunglasses, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that. If you’re going for that summer chic, however, hats are definitely the right choice.

Clutch Bag

When you go to a park or a beach this summer, you’ll most likely see considerable number of women with over-sized handbags hung on their shoulders. Yes, it’ll definitely look fashionable but a bit of a hassle, right? If you’re going out under the sun and you’ll be carrying just your essentials like your mobile phone, lip gloss, and wallet, you’ll definitely be better off carrying a clutch bag. It’s light and it’s easy to carry around anywhere you go.



It let’s your feet breathe and it’s ultra comfortable. Need I say more?



Sunglasses are definitely a summer must-have. Not only will it protect your eyes from the sun’s glare, it also comes in a wide range of styles.

One last thing, just make sure that you’re always going to be comfortable whatever you wear, that’s the most important part. If you haven’t noticed, all the things I’ve mentioned above have many purposes—a perfect blend of adding style to your summer getup, protecting yourself from the harsh summer climate, and of, course, to make you more comfortable during the hottest season of the year.

Enjoy your summer!